Speed In The Desert

What would make someone run from Santa Monica to Las Vegas? This is a question I’ve asked myself over the past few years and what I’ve come to realize is that there is no “why?”, but rather “who?”. The “who?” is why I originally asked myself this seemingly obscure question, so I’ll start there. Nils... Continue Reading →

The Joy Of Snowboarding

Snowboarding came late to me in life. A move to Portland, OR in my early 30s brought access to Mt Hood (a beautiful one and a half hour drive out East along US26) and a desire to throw myself into something new, that was intrinsically part of my new home. Mt Hood is omnipresent in... Continue Reading →

Battling Adventure Imposter Syndrome

Adventure. It means different things to different people, yet somehow deep down we all crave it. A break from the normality of life and routine that often comes to define our lives. For me I simply define it as the opportunity to feel something new, and I believe it to be the most important element... Continue Reading →

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